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I was born in San Pedro, California on June 1st, 1989, and I have lived there for my entire life. As a young boy in elementary school, I enjoyed drawing and painting rainforests, animals and cartoons.

In a sense, the style and subject matter of my art has not changed since I was young. Although I enjoy painting “en plein air” in various locations such as the Palos Verdes Coast, San Pedro Coast and Manhattan Beach, my favorite genre of art is concept art and illustration. This includes subjects such as character design, idealized landscapes/environments, figurative illustrations and machinery/robotics. I also occasionally make a comedic greeting card for fun.

For quick sketches and casual practice, I like to attend life drawing sessions. I feel that this is one of the most productive ways to develop drawing skills as an artist. This also improves the quality of any illustrations or concepts involving the human body as the main subject matter.

My favorite medium is acrylic, followed closely by oils . I like how the acrylic medium handles and the added benefits such as ease of drying and cleanup. However, I have come to like painting in oils, especially for paintings done “en plein air” For this reason, my acrylic paintings are available soon after completion. I’ve experimented with watercolors and other media, but acrylic and oils remain my top two favorites.

While I don’t have a single favorite artist, there are many noted artists on my favorites list. I like the work of Da Vinci because of his figures, original anatomy drawings as well as his more scientific drawings of mechanical objects. I like Burne Hogarth, who is well known for his dynamic style in the Tarzan strip and his art instruction books. There is also the art of Yoji Shinkawa, the primary concept artist for Metal Gear Solid, who has the loosest style drawing I’ve ever seen. There are many other notable artists that are just as good as those mentioned.

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    Honda & Providence Fundraiser, 2014


    OVER $800,000 was raised at the 2014 Sellabration Gala, a fund raising event benefiting the Cardiovascular Center of Excellence at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, CA. Honda Motor Company donated an additional 1 million dollars for a total of 1.8 million generated at the event.

    This painting was used for the purpose of advertising the 2014 Sellabration Gala at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes California. This event was put on by Providence Little Company of Mary and was presented by Honda Motor Company. This image was printed on over 6,000 invitations and used for newspaper ads, auction booklets, silent auction cards and was printed on materials all throughout the silent auction floor. Over 700 people attended the event. Dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions took place in the ballroom at Terranea Resort. The silent auction floor was jam packed with auction items, each of which had the aforementioned painting image printed on the auction card. In the ball room, the image was also projected onto two 40 x 20 foot panels This entire event was essentially decorated by the image of this painting.


    This is a view of the ballroom with the painting being projected on to the main wall. It was good to see that the image of the painting projected well onto the big screen considering that it only measured 8″ x 10″. The picture stretched well without too much pixelation and added a nice touch to the rest of the decor.


    Everyone was seated at designated tabled. Seats were determined by the quantity of donations by each party. Tables were sold in different packages front bronze to gold. Those who purchased their tickets individually would be grouped at the tables around the edge of the ball room.


    Here is a view of the inside of the live auction catalog. The image was used as part of the title page which preceded the individual auction packages.


    A few of the print materials including the front and back of the auction catalog, dinner menu, auction paddle. They printed this image on a variety of print materials. It was good to see that they did a good job of integrating the image into various designs.


    This is a full view of the Terranea ballroom.


    A closer up view of both the front and back of the auction catalog.


    Here is an example of one of the other silent auction items. An NBA basketball signed by Steve Nash. There were a few other similar items in the silent auction catalog.

    This Terranea event was an interesting experience overall. The ball room and hallways were jam packed. There were various items in the silent auction catalog, including some signed basketballs, gift packages and a few other paintings. The live auction featured various vacation and hotel packages, and I was surprised at how much the image was used for the various print materials. Although I didn’t get a chance to see who won the painting, it was still nice to see it being displayed on the silent auction floor.

    Sorry, the painting featured at this event is no longer available. However, other similar original paintings are available to browse in the gallery.